Hi, folks! Please see below for this week’s “Top Ten” moments of good ole Midwestern fun!

10. Déjà vu of adolescent embarrassment when my dad told our waitress, “If you’re not Dutch, you’re not much.”

9. Getting booed by Cardinals fans after ordering my ice cream sundae in a Cubs cap. (This seems to happen to me a lot.)

8. Attempting to calmly tell my friend that a cicada was crawling out of her bathing suit… as she was wearing it.

7. Forget Michigan. Gas is $3.51 in St. Louis. I just might go to the dark side and become a Cards fan after all.

6. Experiencing for the first time motion sensor soap dispensers that trigger the faucet to run. Fancy! Also, monitors in the ladies’ room that watch the restaurant patrons. Creepy.

5. Almost wanting to go back to school upon seeing the sweet new digs that current CCC students get to use. Ungrateful brats.

4. Figuring out a Plan B after my hostess fell asleep and locked me out of her home for the night.

3. Laughing so hard at Second City that I actually experienced chest pains.

2. Spending my birthday in Chicago with my family for the first time since moving to La La Land.


1. Another week of treasured memories is now in the books. Much love and many thanks to Lora, Mrs. VB, Deanna M, Spiro, Molly, Jeane, Jen, Mrs. Reid, Jeremy, Josie, the Powers, Del, Gary, Joe, Margie, Sandy, Annamarie, Dan, Mary, Deanna K, Bonnie, Paul and the Howard family for making it so amazing!

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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