Hi, folks! Please see below for the third and final installment of my “Top Ten” list. I loved every minute of this trip, even the wild Chicago weather (that almost made me miss the Cubs game!) and the fact that my voice was missing for two-thirds of my travels. I fell in love with the Midwest all over again and am already looking forward to my next trip home! And now to the list…

10. Having a lovely conversation with an old childhood friend hijacked by some random dude who wanted to know what it’s like to live in the Silicon Valley even though I said repeatedly that I don’t live there. Also, he wanted to know if it was really a valley made of silicon.

9. After many hours on the road, observing that people are jerks and never get out of the left lane even when everyone else is passing them by. The worst offenders? Middle-aged men driving red minivans. True story.

8. Seeing my first Amish horse and buggy “drive” by.

7. Not believing that I was actually eating dinner in West Virginia and asking my friend multiple times if it was really true.

6. Watching two rather (ahem) husky West Virginian boys purposely overflow their slurpees in order to lick off the excess from their cups and hands while a disgusted food court employee looked on in silence. That state is a hoot.

5. Watching a movie at the drive-in for the first time since I was a kid. Added bonus? Heat lightning storm during Super 8.

4. Driving through a mountain. Like right through the middle of it. Having been born and raised in the (flat) Midwest, this was both exciting and a tiny bit (a lot) terrifying.

3. Attending the wedding of two loved ones. Cue the waterworks once again.

2. Driving straight through from Pennsylvania to Illinois in one day. This is actually the opposite of a highlight, but I refuse to let it go unnoted.


1. Once again, the best bits of this trip were the amazing people visited along the way. Much love and many thanks to Laura, Kylie, the Deneens, the Hoffmeisters, Carla, Rebecca, Vesna and Pablo for making the tail end of my trip so memorable!

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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