My blog has been up a whole two weeks and for every entry made, I have received probably three times as many suggestions as to what to write next. Don’t get me wrong – I freakin’ love that people are reading my posts. You guys rock. However, no one has been as vocal with his “helpfulness” as my very own father. I believe his idea was to write about how I’ve become his California-living, vegetarian-eating, liberal daughter who – and I quote – “reads The Nation.” Gasp. Wow. A scintillating topic indeed, Dad. Nevertheless, you have inspired my next post… Just not the way you think.

This one’s for you.

Folks, I have the most amazing father in the world. Period. When I was little, I would always tag along with him to the grocery store. (For you locals, we shopped at “Jewels.” Great deals – you could get “tree” liters of “pop” for a dollar.) Every single chance I got, as soon as those sliding doors opened, I would make a beeline for the toy section. My Barbie absolutely needed another outfit. After picking out the perfect one, I would then meet up with my dad and plead my case. Who knows if he was just a big softie or I was just the bigger brat, but he would inevitably acquiesce every time. And yet continue to take me to the store with him. Sucker.

Not much changed over the years. When I didn’t get asked to the senior prom, it was my father who let me ditch school the Friday before to go on a shopping spree. To be honest, I wasn’t all that broken up over the turn of events, just smart enough to play the card I was dealt. Cha-ching! Poor guy. He just knew that he couldn’t say no to any request I made that day. To make up for my sorrow, I pretty much had a whole new wardrobe by the end of that weekend… Not sure if I am actually explaining why my dad is so awesome, or just how I am a monster of a daughter.

I can’t argue that I’m not “daddy’s little girl.” Yet my father never treated me like I was “just a girl.” I mowed the lawn. Raked the leaves. Helped repaint the house. If he ever got Bulls or Blackhawks tickets, you’d better believe I was in the stands cheering alongside him. But even better, my father was always my biggest cheerleader, pushing me to do well in school and not be ashamed of who I was – i.e. H-U-G-E nerd. His unconditional love and encouragement has never wavered, and for that I will always be grateful.

What else can I say? My dad is the kind of guy who allowed his five-year old daughter to give him haircuts. The kind of guy who gave his fifteen-year old daughter driving lessons at the cemetery because as he would put it: “Who are you gonna kill? Everyone’s already dead.” He’s the guy who would cut out of work early just so we could battle each other watching Jeopardy! Did I mention I was a huge nerd?

Thank you, Dad. Thank you for always being there for me. For always supporting me through either the smallest of victories or the biggest of failures. And most importantly, thank you for your generous cash contributions at both Christmas and my birthday. You’ll be happy to know they’re donated directly to PETA, the Earth Liberation Front and Americans for Democratic Action.

Image: luigi diamanti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Great blog Anna! Very sweet and well written. Look forward to reading more!

November 6th, 2009

Heartwarming and amazing. I now see where you get it from!

November 10th, 2009

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