If living in an urban area with a larger than usual population of crazies, you quickly learn how to be antisocial. Avoiding eye contact is a given, and pretending you can’t hear someone talking to you becomes routine even if that means ignoring the barista who only wanted to know if you’d like whip on your Frappuccino.

Yet being friendly is sometimes encouraged. For instance, at sporting events. In fact I’d dare say it’s impossible to attend a game and not get chummy with your neighbors. For one, those seats are super close to each other, and given the – ahem – heftier builds of some fans, you’re oftentimes making more physical contact with the guy sitting next to you than the players are on the field. Second, the bathroom breaks. If you force your entire row to stand up and let you wiggle past them more than once, you kind of have to be nice to them. Otherwise an “accidental” foot in your way or beer on your back should come as no surprise upon your fourth trip to the ladies’ room.

But because these people are here to cheer on the same team I love, it’s not that hard to bond. Case in point? Last week at the Blackhawks game. I immediately knew that the chick sitting next to me was cool when upon hearing my high-pitched scream she said, “Oh good, you’re loud, too. Most people hate sitting next to me because I make so much noise.”

Three hours later, Trish and I had become bona fide besties. We had discussed at length our childhoods, livelihoods, love lives and the fact that you should be very, very careful when comparing any female to a celebrity. During one of the timeouts, they were going around the stadium and matching fans to different Seinfeld actors. As it turns out, most women are horrified when compared to Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Personally I think she’s pretty, but I get it. Whenever somebody says, “You know who you look like?” I usually don’t want the answer. (BTW, guys apparently love being compared to Kramer. Not a compliment, fellas.)

Trish and I gossiped together, laughed together and screamed together. We also cried together when the Hawks lost during the overtime shootout. Suddenly the game was over; all the fans rose from their seats. I turned toward my new BFF who was chatting with her husband. I then turned back to my father who was making a beeline for the exit. I didn’t know what to do. I just met this really awesome person and now I was expected to walk away like the last three periods had never happened? Surely she wanted to become Facebook friends.

I gingerly tapped Trish on the shoulder. She spun around with a big smile. I knew it. She felt it, too.

Me: “It was so nice to meet you!”

Her: “You, too!”

Me: “Good luck with everything!”

Her: “You, too!”

Me: “So mayb-”

That’s when her husband nudged her from behind. She put up a finger for me to hold on and then turned her back to me once again. I waited… and waited some more. Then much to my surprise and disappointment Trish and her husband began to exit the row without even saying goodbye.

Whatever… She lives in Chicago and I’m in LA. It never would have worked out anyway.

Image: digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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6 Responses to “Call Me, Okay?”

love this one…i’ve experienced the same thing…LA definitely has tainted my outgoing personality.

Fawn Fletcher
October 20th, 2011

Thanks, Mama! Hope to meet your little one soon. 🙂

October 20th, 2011

Ok now. Can I just say that this happens to me ALL THE TIME. Being a mixed chick, I bond with anyone with curly hair/afro/brown skin/latino decent. I also bond instantly with anyone from the midwest (you know how this goes). Sometimes I do exchange info/facebook, etc… but you know what? It hardly ever goes anywhere from there. Being that this girl was in another state completely? It would have never worked Anna. Let it go… Its like no matter how much one bonds with someone on a 2 hour long airplane ride, once that plane touches down, you are pretty much strangers again. Such is life 🙁

October 20th, 2011

That makes me feel so much better! I didn’t know if I was just the weird one who gets oddly attached to perfect strangers and then mourns a 180 minute friendship. It’s nice to know that other peeps out there experience the same thing. You’re right, though… No point in expecting anything beyond that one interlude. Oh well…

October 21st, 2011

Hi Anna!! Having met you for the first time at a social event- I can definitely say this is her loss and I am so glad we found eachother on Facebook!!! 🙂

October 21st, 2011

Hailey! Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I feel the exact same way… Meeting you was such a joy & I couldn’t be happier that we’ve kept in touch! 🙂

October 22nd, 2011